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North Queensland - Mike Rimmer Photo Collection

Photos accompanying Volume 1 of 'Up The Palmerston'

Chapter 1: The first North Queenslanders
Chapter 2: The coming of the Europeans
Chapter 3: The amazing story of Ludwig Leichhardt
Chapter 4: Edmund Kennedy - The first European explorer to set foot on the Tablelands
Chapter 5: The exploratory work of Gregory and Dalrymple
Chapter 6: Rise and fall of the Valley of Lagoons
Chapter 7: Richard Daintree and William Hann - start of a Golden Era
Chapter 8: Mulligan's life before he found the Palmer
Chapter 9: The Palmer - Mulligan's Golden River
Chapters 10 and 11: More expeditions and discoveries: Mulligan mid-1870s
& the reluctant wanderer

Chapters 12, 13 and 14: Mulligan's encore - the Hodgkinson Goldfield,
The Hodgkinson and Mt. Mulligan, The Hodgkinson Revisited

Photos accompanying Volume 2 of 'Up The Palmerston'

Chapters 1, 2 and 3: Early to modern Herberton
Chapter 4: John Moffat - his life before 1880
Chapters 5 and 6: John Moffat and Irvinebank
Chapter 7: Watsonville - a ghost town with a future
Chapter 8: Montalbion - a short-lived silver town
Chapters 9 and 10: Stannary Hills and Muldiva
Chapter 11: Tate River township
Chapter 12: A long and bumpy road - the story of Chillagoe
Chapter 13: Coolgarra - not even a ghost town any more
Chapter 14: Mount Garnet - a town that refuses to die
Chapter 15: The many faces of Mount Molloy
Chapter 16: Darby McNamara of Mount Carbine
Chapter 17: Other mining centres

Photos accompanying Volume 3 of 'Up The Palmerston'

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapters 6 and 7



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