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About the Author

Mike Rimmer was a teacher of history in Queensland schools for twenty years, including stints in Ravenshoe and Bundaberg. He inspired hundreds of students, bringing new perspectives and relevance to the study of history.

Inspired by his surroundings in Ravenshoe in the early 1970s and puzzled by the lack of literature about its rich history, he started researching the past of the North Queensland hinterland himself. He ended up travelling the globe to track down the people who shaped it.

In 1992 he set off to teach in Togo in West Africa, a country most Australians have never heard of. In Togo he taught at the International School in Lomé and organised soccer trips and matches for children of the local orphanage and refugee camps. He continued his research for 'Up the Palmerston' during frequent travels.

After eleven years in Togo he moved on to an even more exotic location - the former Soviet Republic of Tajikistan in Central Asia.

Mike passed away in September 2015. This site is maintained by his friends to fulfill his wish to make his books available for everyone to enjoy.

A Finger in Many Pies

Mike Rimmer's free autobiography, A Finger in Many Pies, was released in September 2015.

> Download A Finger in Many Pies (PDF 60 MB)



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